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70% OFF [ReACT Premium HUD ] 5000 Animation FATPACK * BENTO *

    ★NEW★ Kitchen Added!
    If you have been waiting to get ReACT Premium for a long time, this is your chance!

    Purchase here:


     Benefits of Premium HUD:

            You get 7 Free bedroom suites for the price of one, Lodge Cabin, House, 2 Skyboxes plus Bonus Kitchen

            We release new designs of bedrooms every season, with premium HUD you get access to ALL bedroom designs at 90% OFF

            So if you feel like changing up your home look, you will never have to pay full price ever again!

50% OFF [Kama Sutra HUD]  * BENTO *

   A product with over a decade of success in SL - the KamaSutra HUD.

   The animations are super fluid and fps rich, the positions are exotic !

   Grab it at its yearly half price mark!

▀ 70% OFF! - [Kama Girl] a.k.a Bento Girl-Girl Kamasutra

    Over 183 animations including Solo female sits, coffee, read, tease, and
    many Cuddle animations including hugs, lay in lap, wrapped and more
    BONUS "KamaGirl" Pillow version included
    Solo female sits, coffee, read, tease and more

60% OFF [Red Room Collection]

   If you enjoy a little roleplay in Second Life, Red Room Collection is the answer!

   NEW * Cross * & * Slave Post * Added!

60% OFF [ReACT Bedroom Suites] * BENTO Bed, Bath, Dining Table, Sofa *
   Looking for a  bedroom makeover?  
   Choose from a huge collection of tastefully created "themed" bedroom suites.

▀  50% OFF [GG Sofa "Temptations"] * BENTO *

    If you are looking for hot girl on girl action, this is simply the best, search no more!

    Along with some very HOT lesbian sex , this couch also features new Bento animations,

    loads of cuddles, slumber party favorites like paint nails, eat ice cream,

    watching movies together and more!

    Available in two designs:


    Sofa Edition:

    Daybed Edition:

 50% OFF  [Musical Christmas Tree]

▀  BENTO Kitchen Sets  

     A fully customizable Animated Kitchen Set, featuring new motion realistic animations never seen before.

     Toss yourself a pizza or fix yourself a sandwich, this kitchen is fully equipped to handle a party!

     Texture change modular kitchen with many styles. Loaded with bento props and food givers.

    Includes animated cutting board, seats, refrigerator, microwave, sink and stove/oven
    BONUS Food givers (waffle maker, breakfast plate, orange juice, and water pitcher)


     Check out the Kitchen Sets on Marketplace

▀  BENTO Dining Table Sets

     Dining Sets include over 3000 Food and Drink combinations that serves breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks

     with bento and experience enabled eating and drinking food props.


  • Coaster includes a Drink Menu that rezzes drinks for display

  • Placemat includes a large Food Menu that rezzes food and DishDisplay for place setting options

  • Placemat also includes DishDisplay menu for place setting display options

  • Seats includes various solo animations plus a DrinkMenu that gives drink props

  • Integrated bento facial and hand animations for props


       Check out the variety of Dining Table Sets

▀  BENTO Food & Drink Givers
    Many choices to choose from!
    Thanksgiving feast, Pie Bundle, wine, champagne, desserts, and more!


▀  NEW Casual Male & Female Poses/Animations!   

     Modeling Poses for Photography, AO Sits and Stands

    70 Male Casual Pose/Animation Bundle  MP Link

    81 Female Casual Pose/Animation Bundle  MP Link


▀  NEW ASL Poses/Animations!   

     Plays Bento hand poses and animations for Letters, Numbers and phrases as your type them.

     Net Proceeds donated to American Society for Deaf Children> Deafness Awareness.

     All animations made by Akaesha Designs

    Check it out on MP

    Own adorable Animesh: dancing Gingerbread couple, dancing mini Santa or skeleton rock band
    Want to tell Santa your Christmas wishes?  Pick up your Animesh Santa and sit on his lap!

▀  [Shower] * BENTO *

    3 Styles to choose from: Zen Glass, Outdoor or Corner

▀  [Group Hot Tub] * BENTO *

▀  [Touch HUD]  * BENTO *

    No Rez needed! ULTRA FLUID, SUPER HOT Female Masturbation HUD

    Purchase here 99L only!:




              Akaesha Advent Calendar

          WIN a L$10,000 Shopping Spree!


                        December 1- 24


Are you naughty or nice? 24 Days, 24 Chances to get amazing gifts

and gift cards from L$500 - L$10,000 !

Come join the Christmas festivities: Hunts, Gift Card giveaways,

gift giveaways, awesome shopping and more!