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Leap Year Sale

Sale has ended







 VALENTINE SALE (ends February 29)






▀  80% OFF [Cuddle Blanket]  * BENTO * (Valentine Special!)

    Hundreds of Cuddles, Kisses, Picnic, Games, Cozy Blanket,

    Guitar Hangouts and Solos.  Purchase here:



▀  80% OFF [Touch HUD]  * BENTO *

    No Rez needed! ULTRA FLUID, SUPER HOT Female Masturbation HUD

    Purchase here 99L only!:



65% OFF [ReACT Premium HUD ] 5000 Animation FATPACK * BENTO *

    If you have been waiting to get ReACT Premium for a long time, this is your chance!

    Purchase here:


     Benefits of Premium HUD:

            You get 6 Free bedroom suites for the price of one

            We release new designs of bedrooms every season, with premium HUD you get access to ALL bedroom designs at 90% OFF

            So if you feel like changing up your home look, you will never have to pay full price ever again!


50% OFF! - [Kama Girl] * Part 1 * NEW

    Kama Girl - a.k.a Bento Girl-Girl Kamasutra

    An upcoming product, exclusively for girls.


    ORDER Here:

    Kama Girl Part 1 has already been released on Feb 13.  Part 2 will be released in spring.

    Available in bed, engine and rug version (rug available in spring release)


▀  50% OFF [GG Sofa "Temptations"] * BENTO *

    If you are looking for hot girl on girl action, this is simply the best, search no more!

    Along with some very HOT lesbian sex , this couch also features new Bento animations,

    loads of cuddles, slumber party favorites like paint nails, eat ice cream,

    watching movies together and more!

    Available in two designs:


    Sofa Edition:

    Daybed Edition:



50% OFF [Kama Sutra HUD]  * BENTO *

   A product with over a decade of success in SL - the KamaSutra HUD.

   The animations are super fluid and fps rich, the positions are exotic !

   Grab it at its yearly half price mark!



60% OFF [Red Room Collection]

   If you enjoy a little roleplay in Second Life, Red Room Collection is the answer!

   NEW * Cross * & * Slave Post * Added!



▀  50% OFF [Outdoor Wood Heart Tub] * BENTO *

    Includes Solo, Cuddles, Kisses, Massage, Intimate for Couples and more


▀  [Shower] * BENTO *

    3 Styles to choose from: Zen Glass, Outdoor or Corner



▀  [Group Hot Tub] * BENTO *



[ReACT Bedroom Suites] * BENTO Bed, Bath, Dining Table, Sofa *

   Looking for a  bedroom makeover?  

   Choose from a huge collection of tastefully created "themed" bedroom suites.







                        Every L$ you spend..

           Gets you bigger and better benefits



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